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Summertime Rhymes- # 3: “Selective, Verbally”

“Jumping Through Hoops” ©️C.P. Hickey 2019

“Selective, Verbally”

It isn’t that I cannot speak,

Or that I have no words.

It’s just the world outside of me,

Overwhelms at every turn.

What’s going on inside of me?

My personal mystery.

In small moments I reach out,

And treat you to a peek.

There is a concert symphony,

Playing in my mind.

The tempo goes from fast to slow,

Despite the outward signs.

I’m not trapped in here, oh no.

It’s you, that’s trapped outside.

Beauty resides in my confines,

Expressed in grand design.

I have much to tell.

So much inside of me.

Be patient for it to unfold.

I’m selective, verbally.

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