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“The Pages Between”

“Page Potential” ©️C.P. Hickey 2022

“The Pages Between”

Sometimes at the margins…

You discover the pages between

The ones to add

The ones to take away

The ones to cherish

The ones to loathe

Saving some for later

Staring some down

Pushing lead friction

Ability meets imagination

Right there—

The pages between

It is NOT a safe space

But…volatile, dynamic

An eruption of force

An unavoidable gravity


Consuming all

One finite point

Reaching critical masses

The pages between

Expanding ever outward

Until all is written on—

The pages between


“Seasoned Greetings”

“Baby Cheeses” ©️C.P. Hickey 2022

“Seasoned Greetings”

Turkey is done

Pumpkin pie put down

Gingerbread emergent

Egg nog flowing rich

Roundish wreaths wrangled

Holly hoisted

Gifts gotten

Parties planned

Winter Solstice Sublime

Fogged windows

Haunted by Dickens

Still. Silent. Air.

Lights abound

Winter wind whipping

Lingering cozy covers

Visible breath plume vapors

Heat escaping hatless heads

Fireplace reveries

Christmas cards arrive

Feasting for days

Numb nose and fingertips

Street buskers bellow

The Spirit spreads swift