“Honey Roasted”

“Honey Roasted” ©C.P.Hickey 2019

“Honey Roasted”

Honey roasted peanuts jiggle in jars,

Until tipped over into palms.

Jibbily crunchies coughed up over, all over again.

Honey gortex fingertips,

Tasty licked clean.

Until the lid goes back on.

Magical consumption.

Sweet hankering, hunkered down.

Honey roasted?

Who’da thunk?

“Teasing Tempest Temptress”

“Teasing Tempest Temptress”

The wind possesses its own ideas, plans, and designs.

It does not include ill-placed chimes.

Blow, blow, blowin’,

Through, above, and under.

Particulate matter whipped asunder.

Settling for the romance of movement among and between buildings.

Skyscrapers, concrete naked.

Residence of tired pigeons.

Trapper of frustrated horns.

Each piece of the symphony,

Played gustily with gusto.

Despite you,

The wind possesses its own ideas, plans, and designs.

And cares little for your ill-placed chimes.

“There’s A Light That Sometimes Goes Out”

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There’s A Light That Sometimes Goes Out”

Candlesticks burn through wicks,

Time marches on.

Intensity eventually succumbs,

Although, life lingers on.

Habitual motions,

Rising oceans,

Apathy quells the flame.

One day without looking,

One starts overlooking,

And things are never the same.

Wax and tallow,

And flickering shadows,

All victims of passion declined.

A room once lit,

Suddenly quit.

A plight that plagues humankind.


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Sifting through the week,

Hidden treasures abound.

Slipping through fingers,

Still lost, not yet found.

Palms turning upward,

Spilling chance by degrees.

Commodities elusive,

Sizable defeats.

Reality dreadful,

Waiting, indeed.

Sifting through false hopes,

A most typical week.


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She looked deviled-egg disheveled as she lit her cigarette.

Blowing sex-smoke into my gaping mouth.

My anticipation grew.

It was just on the train that we shared a moment.

Perhaps, several moments.

She, man spreading.

I, standing in the space between.

At first unintentional,

Then a gradual adjustment to a new environment.

We played eye-tag.

She caught me,

Then I caught her.

Dark eyeshadow causing my knees to buckle.

Subtle blinks, and nervous finger tics.

We both had our hand on the nearby pole,

And the train stopped suddenly.

Our hands touched as we tried to regain ourselves.

Too late.

We were set lost a-sea on a raft of want.


The first clear-cut case in my life.

The smiles emerged and I pushed further into that small space, the forbidden spot.

Other people were looking.

The gravity at her center was as dense as a billion dying suns.

Yet, I was born of this death, and felt connection for the first time.

We got off, but didn’t.

And meandered down soiled subway stairs to the fare array.

Passing through that boundary and onto others.

The bus had yet to come.

We huddled electric in the bus barrier,

Significantly coupled.

Pushing faces ever so close and breathing in human imperfections.

Just the right amount of nine-to-five sweat and smell.

Evidence of life and pheromones.

The suspense, inordinate.

Just then, she brought me down to her neck and whispered into my ear.

I came alive and looked up.

She pushed her mouth against mine.

Suspended in the forever of a moment.

Dizzying thoughts,and grunts, and supple breaths of garlic and mint.

Universe expanding.

Yin and Yang.

Disciples of flesh, laughing heartily at the politically correct.

The thrill of living, evident.

Causing envy.


People with smart phones look up, but then return to their own deep vices.