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“Mushroom Trip Serendipity”

“Mushroom Trip Serendipity” Mushroom trip serendipity. Can feel the maze closing in on me. Each limb slips and further imprisons me. I can’t breathe. Closing elevator doors, Gas pump meter rolling on. Ran the stairs, And missed the top step. Catapulted into another day….

“It Always Hurt Me To See My Mother Cry”

“It Always Hurt Me To See My Mother Cry”   It always hurt me to see my mother cry.   I remember in early childhood, there being instances. Like that time when I was in the third grade, and she was lunch mother at…

“Windermere Plantigos”

“Windermere Plantigos” Abutting a frenzy of dancing air, Petals and leaves propel themselves still. Potted points of oxygen emissions. Nature dovetails with man made structures. Breaking left and right, Aboveish and belowish. Invisible force, Much like gravity, But not as omnipresent. A delicious chill…


“Deactivation” I achieved a mild milestone: When I deactivated my Facebook account. Saving face, More space for wonder. Thoughts replace reactions, And newer sincerity brews cautiously in my percolator. Eventually, the contents of my vessel will be infused with renewed hope. If not, I’ll…

“Raindrops and Tubesocks”

“Raindrops and Tubesocks” When I was a kid, I enjoyed being outside in the rain. Not directly, of course, But, huddled in a doorway, or a shed. Breathing dampy. Listening to the regal pitter-pat of raindrops drumming on corrugated roofs, or the splintered plywood…

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