“Invoking Karma”


“Invoking Karma”

Friday earbuds full of Bowie.

Let’s dance.

Slipping down the tracks, trancing.

Rhythm dancer.

Week summary devised instinctually.

The way lost.

Unworthy pilgrims, a-sea in doubt.

Raging, raging.

Waves on.

Noah collected the wrong amounts for the recipe.

It turned out rather dreadful.

“Virgin Vertical”


“Cutting Sky” © C.P. Hickey 2018

“Virgin Vertical”

Virgin vertical, rising lines.

Draw my gaze up to the skies.

Virgin vertical, climbing up.

Venti crumpled coffee cup.

Virgin vertical, ascending view.

Perspective lines misconstrued.

Virgin vertical, creating fear.

Vengeful vertigo, imbalanced ears.

Virgin vertical, dizzying feats.

Ledgers full of life’s defeats.

“Wandering Weary”


“Lichenalia” © C.P. Hickey 2018


“Wandering Weary”

I’m weary, so stop staring.

I’m weary of your being.

You juxtapose projections and aim to hinder me.

I’m weary, so stop staring.

I’m weary of your essence.

A clairvoyant regressive combating senescence.

I’m weary, so stop claiming.

I’m weary of your slights.

Your mirage mirror image causes many sleepless nights.

I’m weary, so stop claiming.

I’m weary of your ego.

Foregone conclusions inform uniformed credos.

I’m weary, stop.

I’m weary.


“Wounded Needs”



“Wounded Needs”


Wound up world.

Wild wanton winds,

whipping wherewithal wayward.

Open wound.

Salted and packed.


Reactions gain traction.

Impactful distractions.


Wound up world.

Addressed wound.

Watchmaker is absent.

Gradations grain.

Time wanes.

Spring sprocket.

Illusion invested in vest pocket.

Pull it out,

and veil your perception.

Deadened reflection.

The hands move despite the offense they cause.


A moment in the sun.

Faith undone.

Impermanence guaranteed.

Be annoyed,

matters not created nor destroyed.

Becoming void,

our sole employ.

Conscience breeds on wounded needs.

No reprieve.



“Sprung” © C.P. Hickey 2018






Forced into view.

Forced into you,

existence through,

budding branches reaching up into the sky.


Growing up,

past failed forecasts of blizzards.

Weather wizards.

Meteorologists ceding to botanists.

Seeding pots with this,

packet potential.


Weeding rows of ebbing snow,

a hedgerow garden grow,

Ineffable nature.

Permission to engage,

green thumb sage,

but, barometric gauge,

indicates bare landscapes.


No escape.


Planet raped.

Big mistake.

Heightened stakes.

Corporate snakes.

Only take,

never plant.


Planned exhaust.


All is lost?