Summertime Rhymes

SUMMERTIME RHYMES- # 18 “I Keep A McDonald’s Cheeseburger Wrapper In My Pocket Just In Case”

“I Keep A McDonald’s Cheeseburger Wrapper In My Pocket Just In Case”

I keep a McDonald’s Cheeseburger wrapper in my pocket just in case.

In case, I might need it.

On the off chance that I need to feel its lightness.

Especially, when I tremble through a not-looked-forward-to commute.

I can slide my hand into my fat khaki pants,

And grab for the wrinkled wax paper.

Crumpled testimony and smooth wrinkles.

A sensory masterpiece.

Or, I could use it to pick up a dead rodent that can sometimes be found in the laundry room of my apartment building.

Like the time I dropped the third of four needed quarters.

It rolled towards the underneath of the washer.

There, I found a dead mouse.

I didn’t have a McDonald’s Cheeseburger wrapper at the time.

But, if I had, I would have used it to pick up the dead mouse.

It occurred to me while sitting in McDonald’s,

As I was disrobing the first of my two Cheeseburgers;

That the wrapper could prove useful.

Dreadful careful not to carry over any food residue,

I practiced careless origami until the shape made sense.

I placed it in the secret pocket of my Loose Fit Jeans.

Just in case.

Other times, while bored, I’ve brought it out to examine it.

Turning it over in my palms.


Then came the weird thoughts.

I’d wonder if the material could be cut large enough to make a good burial shroud?

Or, could the paper be used to soften the edges of sawed out glory holes?

Smiling creepy large at the thought of McDonald’s executives finding out my clandestine ideas about their wax wrappers.

If I use the wrapper,

I can always get another.

But, that being said,

I’ve grown quite attached to the one in my pocket.

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