“Somber Supermarket”

“Aisle Distance” ©️C.P. Hickey 2020

“Somber Supermarket”

Somber Supermarket

Masks, and hands within your pockets.

Social distance new propriety,

Vacant shelves lack variety.

Suspicion looking out from cinched hoodies,

Cart without requisite goodies.

Each surviving in some measure,

Toilet paper desired treasure.

New world order we must face,

Draw the blinds, shelter in place.

“Your Constant Need…”

“Surface” © C.P. Hickey 2019

“Your Constant Need…”


Your constant need for validation

Haunts my ranging soul

Suffocating on your filth

An unexpected role


At times like this I look for sense

As senseless as it is

Then remember you’re obtuse

And possess unmatched hubris


Mirrors mirrors on the wall

Telling truths when viewed

Stand in place and take a look

A soul-searching retinue



“Of This, Let Me Be Specific”


“Of This, Let Me Be Specific”


To all those enabled in the world

Of this, let me be specific



Empathy has a limit


There are more black holes here on earth,

Than in all the galaxies that exist

The tendency toward evolution

Has been overcome with a genetic self-centered mutation

That replicates inordinately in the direction of self-fulfilling prophecy

Your tears are not the only tears that have ever existed

Although, they might feel unique

They are not

Michael Stipe sang “Everybody Hurts”

And he was goddamned terrifically right

But, that doesn’t mean that the energy required of paying that attention

Falls within the purview of others

Sadly, the trend seems to be that people want you to recognize their pain

And if you don’t, well, they’ll remind you that you are a sub-par human,

And that they would like for you to take another look

Both today, and tomorrow


Give it a fucking rest

You’re draining the life from me










“Sheet Cover” ©️C.P. Hickey 2020


Lost my place

Amber alert

The rope and bucket fell down the well

How can I reach down deep within me now?

That place where the all gathers

That place that feeds the essence of me

Down there amongst the darkness

I count on it


“Hey Scallywag ‘ Varmint’” ©️C.P. Hickey 2020


What is this waking hurry?

Ripped from tender slumber

Cold water and steam

Socks blue or black?

Transit app announcing bus arrival

One minute


Did I lock the door?

Overcrowded system

Cologne and unwashed essences

Compact anxiety

Headed to death

One delay at a time