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“SELF-PRESERVATION” I think I could, but don’t know how. My worry is for you. In spite of me, what’s mine I give. It’s simply what I do. I never ever cut the line, Hold patience,’til my turn. Despite my heart, I will concede, Where…

POEMVEMBER 2018-DAY 13: “Wet Leaves Stop The Traffic”

“Wet Leaves Stop The Traffic” A friend texted that her morning train was delayed due to wet leaves on the tracks. I’ve heard most if not all the excuses the transit authority uses for poor service, but I agree with my friend: this is…

POEMVEMBER 2018-DAY 12: “Day In Day Out”

“Day In Day Out” If I paddled upstream, I would remain in place. Everlasting lines at the grocery, Folks fighting tooth and nail over clipped coupons. The is no clear cut winner in that scenario despite whomever wins. Facebook comments are often misleading and…


“Fading” Fading, Fading, Fading, Fading out of view. Focus unresolved, exposing unknown truths. Adjust the close-up lens, frame a point of view. One chance to catch the shot, before the lighting moves.


“PEBBLE LETTUCE” Saturday mornings at the Boston Ballet are full of wonderful secrets. I wasn’t supposed to, but I kinda did overhear two excited women exchanging words. Although, I must admit, I never heard the words ‘pebble lettuce” used in combination before. But, that’s…

Roxy Travels

23 years old girl travelling solo on a motorcycle.

Positive Side Of The Coin

Not just live and let live, but live and help live


Random scribble

Novel Writing Festival

Monthly Festival : Turn your book into a movie and get it seen by 1000s of people. Or garner FULL FEEDBACK from publishers on your novel and help your next draft. Or get a transcript video of your novel performed by professional actors.

Payal Dutta

Twisted tales of times true

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