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“Skeleton Key”

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“Skeleton Key”

Skeleton key, skeleton key,

Dangling from your waist.

My door is locked.

Please set me free.

Unlock my blushing face.

Others have tried,

To no avail.

They couldn’t open me.

My guess at best,

About the rest,

They all had faulty keys.

But, you come along,

And promise more,

With your lengthy rigid torque.

Insert into my cylinder,

And make your magic work.

My bolt and latch,

A stubborn match,

For your working key.

Persistence and pressure pay off,

And start my liberty.

The action builds,

And with a twist,

My bolt comes all but free.

You turn the knob,

Complete the job.

Leaving me open, finally.

So, if your door won’t budge,

On this we can agree,

Find yourself the freeing magic of,

A dangling skeleton key.

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