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“Enter The Days…”

“Hedgerow” ©️C.P. Hickey 2019

“Enter The Days…”

Enter the days that remind me.

Remind me of sunshine long ago.

How fresh summer days began with dappling light reflecting off of chlorine blue public pools.

The lane lines seemed to stretch onward forever.

Each stroke belied a deeper thrust at the meaning of life.

The hog’s honest truth is that death was closing in,

No matter how hard I slapped at the water with my hands and feet.

But then somehow out behind the pool, I’d get lost mixing counted sorrows against discarded bottle caps.

2 thoughts on ““Enter The Days…”

  1. Into the drink

    I can hear the slapping of the chlorinated water against the filter lid….all the other kids laughing and playing as I hide behind the toolshed counting the ants and minutes waiting for mom to pick me up….. Afraid to take my shirt off because of the hand shaped bruises they will make fun of…..

    Ok I’m back. Man this sent me there

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