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“The Green Colander Of Alexander”

“Tuppa” ©️C.P. Hickey 2019

“The Green Colander Of Alexander”

The green colander of Alexander,

Came to me through death and default.

Draining it’s game,

The pasta remained,

Hunt’s tomato sauce,

on top of most bowls.

There were no regrets,

For stuck on, alphabets.

Fingers running across the small holes.

In matters of play,

On quaint rainy days,

It would become,

a crown for a regal King’s dome.

Or, acting as double,

An astronaut bubble,

Or, an alien’s helmet,

Used for mind control.

We made it a habit,

To hide among cabinets,

Using ordinary things to escape.

And this green colander,

Would render enchantments,

That watered our childhood landscape.

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