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“From The Corner Of His Eye”

“Verse-Eyed Kid”

“From The Corner Of His Eye”

From the corner of his eye, he espied my divinity.

Above some complexity, poking sticks at simplicity.

He drained my goodwill, and required that it be, kept in a deep well.

Against my will, indeed.

Procurement’s greed; how Colonial.

Appropriate ordinals, sorted Sith sentinels, aggrieved of containment,without fair arraignment, into lasting cemented positions.

Desire acts funny, feels funny, exists funny, despite its Genesis.

A broken rib is all that is left.

You don’t like it?

The penultimate tough shit, before the last revelation: your offense matters only to you.

The rest of us move on despite your esteem.

That, is life.

That is, life.

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