Summertime Rhymes

Summertime Rhymes- # 8 “Facebook Fallacy”

“Facebook Fallacy”

Lookin’ in, lookin’ out.

Through the looking glass.

Reality distorted,

Fixed amoral morass.

Habitual finger tapping,

Edging on the screen,

Brightness ebbs,

Net’s spiderwebs,

Catching all the lies between.

Time at once so precious,

Spent so liberally.

A non-renewable resource,

An expended commodity.

Sign out, sign in.

Where to begin?

Click-bait, substrate.

Mental masturbation.

Bad groove, YouTube,

Communal isolation.

Last breath, PDF,

Buffering download.

Pop-up, viruses,

Streaming episodes.

Binge-watch, top notch,

Page, Group, Live.

Welcome to the Thunderdome.

Just a drone in the hive.

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