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“Under Pressure”


“Under Pressure”

Jasmine ribbon vapors rolling through my nose.

Rolled off in the corner, are soiled pantyhose.

Little this, little that.

Mirror image, much too fat.


Focus on, but out of,


Encountering enchantments of denial.

Empty promises reprisal.

Going, going, went.

Frustration all but pent,

Up in here, up in here.

Wiping condensed steam from the looking glass dream,

Leaving behind streaks.

Compact disc repeats,

Then skips too frequently.

Applying a brave new face,

A newfound supple grace,

Over the counter.

Arm behind the back.

Falling angel here,

Skimpy underwear.

Peeking out of skinny jeans’ secret pocket.

Self-deceit, rinse repeat.

Jasmine ribbon vapors rolling through my nose.

Will my make-up pass?

Supple supposition.

Paralytic indecision,

Will my make-up pass?

You never can tell.

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