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I achieved a mild milestone:

When I deactivated my Facebook account.

Saving face,

More space for wonder.

Thoughts replace reactions,

And newer sincerity brews cautiously in my percolator.

Eventually, the contents of my vessel will be infused with renewed hope.

If not, I’ll just add sugar and cream.

Stir it up.

I’m sure I’ll fall into a library and get lost among the stacks.

I’ll look for a reference book on methods of discourse and logic; likely the Greeks.

Embracing the choice of unlearning bad habits.

Then, putting that book the fuck down,

And speaking with a fellow human.


Not virtual, but real reality.

The art of conversation has been lost,

And we can’t wait for lingual archaeologists to explain the WAS of it.

It’s needed now, most especially.

4 thoughts on ““Deactivation”

    1. It was slowly killing my soul, and I was becoming toxic by engaging unfairly in discourse. I will retain a shadow account for my business purposes but have a reduced and selective friends list. Sometimes you gotta get away

      1. I hear ya. Friend request me if you wish. I just deleted about 20 people recently. Opening the app just pissed me off with their negativity and/or constant agenda based requests. Birthday go fund me’s after you posted a picture of your steak dinner? Dumbasses. And I truly don’t care what Kanye is doing

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