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“Caught Within the Unhighlighted Cell of a Unsaved Spreadsheet”

“Caught Within the Unhighlighted Cell of an Unsaved Spreadsheet

Sitting in my cell,

Waiting for something to happen.

Surrounded by intimidating figures.

I was cut from my place and put here.

Others, have been transformed by what is called a “formula”.

But, that hasn’t happened to me yet.

Sometimes I’m cut out again, and moved somewhere else.

They seem to keep putting me back, though.

I had friends to my left, right, above, and below; but they have changed because of the “formula”.

I wait, and wait, and wait.

Others are added, others are cut out.

I was told if the power goes out, we might disappear forever, unless we are saved.

Saved by whom?

There are rumors that there are other groups just like us, and they are kept in cells on structures called “tabs”.

I am trapped.

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