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“Sugar Daddy”

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“Sugar Daddy”

One time when I was a kid,

I woke up with enthusiastic hiccups.

I woke my Father, he was nearest the bedroom door.

He walked me down the hallway,

To the kitchen.

Turned on the light,

And grabbed a cup from the cupboard.

Then, he grabbed the sugar jar,

Spooning out three teaspoons of granulated elixir.

He ran the kitchen faucet,

Then filled the sugared glass three quarters of the way up.

I kept hiccuping enthusiastically throughout.

He encouraged me to drink the filled cup.

And then walked me back down the hallway,

Stopping at my room to tuck me into my bed.

Somehow, the hiccups lost their enthusiasm,

And I was able to go back to sleep.

If there were such a thing as a time machine,

I think, I’d like to go back to that particular moment, and thank my Father for his magic.

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