It’s that time of year again,

when winter winds concede.

Socks come off.

Toes come out.

A foot once shod is freed.

Along with new found liberty,

come expressions of a range.

Spring and summer footwear,

feature feet on full display.

Some feet are nicely formed,

by the Golden Ratio.

But other feet are more unique,

and may sport hammertoes.

A sunny day is when it starts.

Payless Shoe is at the ready.

Public transit gets it fill,

of bare soles nice and sweaty.

Corns and bunions,

ingrown nails,

pedicured variety.

A smorgasbord of potential,

for a doctor of podiatry.

The weather’s nice,

so free those toes.

Who cares about aesthetics?

Show the world your divine kicks,

and don’t even regret it.


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