Guest Post: “The Bins”

Dear ProCrasstheNationeers,

In the spirit of April being National Poetry Month, I’d like to ask you to take a moment to view a poem created by my friend, Stephen M. Wall. I’ve enjoyed this piece, and hope that you enjoy it too. Please feel free to leave any feedback in my comments, or click the like button. Let’s show Stephen, some poem love.



“The Bins”-by Stephen M. Wall


The bins at goodwill

Chaos and confusion

Are there winners and


Or is it just an illusion?


People line up, single file

To see if gold is in the pile

Don’t touch till they say so

If you do you could get the

heave ho

They’re very serious here at

the bins

There are rules you must


Or nobody wins


Throwing and grabbing

Snatching and tossed

Finding the treasure that

someday lost

Making your money at

hardly a cost


You get into line gloves on

your hands

A broken glass can ruin

your plans

To stay there for hours

making new friends

Seven comes fast

everything ends


You come back next day

At seven AM

Chaos and confusion

Starting again



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