August 2017 Poems-31 Daze


Poem 21 comes on the heels of an auspicious day. A lot of folks suffered from eclipse fever. Here is a small tribute to the great deal of fuss made about a heavenly matter. Thank you Haley H. for the inspiration. And to all you flat earthers out there, eat a bag of eclipse.


“Orange Glow” –ó-el-eclipse-solar-sin-gafas.jpg



A solar foofaraw.

A celestial event.

Looked right in it’s maw,

and retinas are spent.


Tinfoil and pinholes,

promised safe views.

A collection of assholes,

on channel five news.


Looking up to the heavens,

instead of their palms.

Hapless expressions,

on science savants.


A great galvanizer,

this grand foofaraw.

Succinct synchronizer,

elliptical law.


When events in the sky,

pull you up from below.

Keep a well focused eye,

on the coronal glow.


These events are rare,

and define the space-time.

Perceived solar glare,

amplifies the sublime.


Look up, look up!

A newer reality.

Truly abrupt,

passed its totality.


A box of used glasses,

and plenty of tricks.

Another one passes,

goodbye eclipse.








August 2017 Poems-31 Daze

“Friscalating Moonlight”

Similar to poem 19, poem 20 harkens back to my past. I offer deep appreciation to my greatest muse and partner, Lissette. We share love, laughs, tears, successes, failures, hopes, fears, and all that comes to us under a sun eclipsed by a moon. Wes Anderson’s character Eli Cash spoke the word that inspired this poem, and although it isn’t a real word, what this poem presupposes…maybe it is.

Courtesy of Public Domain –

“Friscalating Moonlight”_originally conceived on 6-21-05

The moon knows what to make of this,

for I know not.

It hovers in the heavens,

guiding confused couples through life.

A labyrinth of passions,

dead ends,

and darkened roads.

Illuminating possibilities, chances, and hopes.


How it mocks me.

How it laughs at held notions of propriety.


“You mortal fool,

can’t you recognize perfection?”


Beams directing me to embrace her.

Searching for expression.

Tender silhouette,

stretching against the night.

Remove the hair from her eyes,

and stare into bliss.


One moment stolen in the moonlight,

preludes an eternity of satiety.


Thankfully, the moon cannot penetrate a roof.

For I know not what to think of other than her,

and in the safety of my hideaway,

the moon can’t mock me.




August 2017 Poems-31 Daze

“Unrequited Love”

19th poem on the 19th day pulls me backward in time. My life has been full of requited love for some time. There was once a past version of myself that didn’t believe that. A thank you to my friend Mary Ellen G. for reminding me of how we can always appreciate what we have, by sometimes remembering times when we didn’t possess the proper perspective. Please enjoy my take on this notion…


“The Tender Trap” © C.P. Hickey 2017


“Unrequited Love”_originally conceived on 6-21-05

There is somewhere I have not been.

Unknown to me,

but certainly sought.

Endless concrete desire permeates my essence.

My limbs quake at the thought of your touch.

Awoken from one dream,

straight into another.

This cannot be real.

Real doesn’t feel like this.

Uncertainty, follows me closer than my shadow.

Thoughts restrained,

words unspoken,

actions withheld.

Just one time,

allow me to grasp your hand,

In fact, will me to.

Want me to trace our hopes and fears into your palm.

Might I kiss it,

and never be able to kiss a hand so lovely?

I should be committed,

for committing myself to the notion of a high road.

How would you love me?

Would you bend to me?

Would you allow me to drink fully from you?

Could I take a moment to sigh,

perhaps, forever,

and for that moment lose myself in you.

Don’t look at me like that.

You have killed me, and resurrected me with that gaze.

I cannot touch you.

As soon as  I do,

I’m gone.

Lost forever.

Lost, somewhere I have not been.

August 2017 Poems-31 Daze


TGIF, 18th day of August, 18th poem to render. Been a long day today, so I am going to cheat again by harnessing the haiku form. Eva, thank you for the inspiration. I owe you a full-on tribute. I will revisit this term for a longer Ode at some point.  Somedays, you have to cut your losses and realize that you can do more with less.



Situated, there.

All three of them in a row.





August 2017 Poems-31 Daze


17 is another fine prime number. I like the sound of that. That means I’ve edged safely over the month’s halfway mark. You might say I’ve eclipsed it. Valour was suggested by my friend Claire W.  It is a derivate form of valor. Courage, Bravery, the Noive synonymatically. You know, what the Cowardly Lion sought from the Wizard of Oz. Well, in this case it’s a tiger, and he doesnt’ seem cowardly at all.  Enjoy the tale of my experience of Valour (the Valonquar)…

“Valour the Valonquar” © C.P. Hickey 2015



There you are little brother.

Inches of glass between you and us.

Your beauty is unmatched.

You pace the space.

The kids have never seen what a cat like you can do.

It is better that way.

I don’t know who is more protected.

You in that habitat?

Or me outside of the habitat?

Who shows more valor?

I propose you, Valour the Valonquar*

Your pacing grows more frenetic.

The kids gurgle with glee.

My anxiety thresholds.

Both of us, in our place.

I came here to see you.

You had no choice in the matter.

However, it seems,

That you are watching me.

Fixated on a curiosity.

Why so strange?

I don’t mean to be.

Can you smell me?

Your paws are gigantic.

One swipe is all it would take.

I humanize you.

I personify your essence.

It is the only way I feel safe.

Were we somewhere else,

I would be pacing frenetically.

Waiting while you watched.

Can you smell me?

Why so strange?

Neither of us belong here.

And we both belong here.

The kids tap the glass.

They have no idea, little brother.

No idea.


*valonqar-George R.R. Martin’s word, meaning “little brother” in one of the languages (High Valyrian) that he created for his Novel Series- A Song of Ice and Fire.

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“Serendipity: the Opposite of Zemblanity”

Day 16  brings forth poem 16. Serendipity is the term given over by my cousin Ellen for inspiration in my Month of Poems project. Although I tried with every fiber of my being to believe that I could find serendipity in the world at present, there is much to the contrary in evidence. So I found inspiration in another way. I asked the Mighty and all-knowing Oracle at Google what the opposite of serendipity was. Google obliged me. No riddle spoken, but a succinct definition: “making unhappy, unlucky and unexpected discoveries occurring by design” basically an “unpleasant unsurprise”. So, there it is right there. Perhaps, a bit of serendipity after all, finding out that the opposite of the term basically defines the “unpleasant unsurprise” sitting in the White House. I don’t really care what your political leanings are, and I certainly don’t care what you think of mine. The one thing my parents taught me was to not put up with nonsense. I knows it when I sees it. A multitude of complete and utter Zemblanity.


Public Domain:



“Serendipity: the Opposite of Zemblanity”

You sir, are a Zemblanity.

Our zeitgeist’s calamity.

The poster child for cowardice,

A model A in avarice.

You have no depth.

No self-respect.

Playground bully.

Privileged fully.

You have the power to help.

But all is withheld.

No leadership skills.

Just lobbyist shills.

No integrity.

You, smother civil liberty.

There is no excuse,

For how obtuse,

Your fascist zeal,

Makes bad deals.

One long run up,

Since January sun up.

You largely suck,



Winter isn’t coming.

Winter is here.

Cold hardened heart,

Incapable of empathy,

or civility.


Out of touch.

Tone deaf.


of wisdom.

Petulant child putting people at risk.

Those that are sick.

Good people that need jobs.

You are incapable of conquering the demon of yourself.


Pity for you.

Zinging friends and foes,

Anyone opposed.

You have no concept of the higher ideals set forth from founding fathers.

A more perfect union?

If up to you, you’ll bust up unions.

This union.

You can’t make a deal.

You sir, are one big Zemblanity.

Our Zeitgeist’s calamity.

You are the opposite of an alchemist.

Everything you touch,

Turns to orange dust and dung.





August 2017 Poems-31 Daze

“Desert Rose 🌹”

Poem 15 on day 15. A day with personal meaning for me. My mother would have been 65 today, had she not rushed into that burning pet shop to save all the animals from certain death. A salutation to JEB in the Granite State. Your mischievous and clever invoking of U2 imagery helped give this poem wings, petals, and thorns.



Image Courtesy of John Connolly “Desert Rose “

“Desert Rose 🌹”

How does a desert rose grow?

Does anyone know?


In order to survive,

To live, spawn, and thrive.

Roots deep down inside.

Among soil so dried?


Fierce determination.

Churning fixation.

Power over choice.

Heralding voice.

Leading the march.

Notable heart.

A pinch of spite.

A lifelong fight.


Growing up, upward still.

Fixing stems and leaves at will.

Your color juxtaposed,

In landscaped sepia tones.

Sticking out.

Richly proud.

Stretching roots deep.

Insistent for your seeds.

The chances for them best.

Thorns at times deep pressed.

Yet, they found no traction.

Despite, your reaction.

Growing, despite the pains.

Your span withstood the rains.

Showing a beauty, a radiant light.

A lesson, gained insight.

Dedicated, to your duty.

All the time, including,

What best part of you,

You could imbue.

Love in the light.

Love in the fight.


How does a desert rose grow?

Does anyone know?

August 2017 Poems-31 Daze

“No one knows better than me”

Poem 14 is for James Edward, who is busy living free or dying up there in the Badlands of NH. Depends on the day. This is also for all the divas riding the rails who feel a bit of entitlement.



“No one knows better than me”


Dear Ms. Andry,

Why you so angry?

‘Cause I would not give up my seat?


Don’t be surprised,

When we lock our eyes,

And I am where you want to be.


I will not move,

I’ve nothing to prove,

And will sit here most happily.


Seems a matter of course,

That the seat is not yours.

Equality redefines chivalry.


Your haughty high huffs,

Only deepen rebuffs.

So stand on your two equal feet.


Limbs all intact,

Enough with the act.

You’re certainly not elderly.


You have no preg paunch,

So I’ll remain staunch.

I’m equally as tired as you.


Turn off your dull pout,

You will not win out,

My arse is on this seat like glue.


I avoid your stink-eye,

And not meaning to pry,

But you look like the cat’s got your tongue.


I’m not in accord,

With your air of import.

Stop being so severely high-strung.


You seem to insist,

But I will resist.

You cannot have it your way.


You’re doing so great.

Standing so straight.

Guilt will not make me your prey.


Here is a prop,

I get off at next stop.

You can finally have this seat.


What’s that  you say?

You get off at the same?

No longer a chance to compete.









August 2017 Poems-31 Daze

“Soul Mate”

Poem 13, is my lucky 13. Soul Mate, given over to me by Sue K. I know what it means to her, and what it means to me. Here is something that I’ve had kicking around over the years, that expresses the concept simply. No frills, just all matter-of-factly, like.  Dig it!


“Soul Mate” © C.P. Hickey 2015


“Soul Mate”

Life is but a dream,
From which I dare not wake.
Traveling down the stream,
Each moment mine to take.

I sought your love most true,
Each bend ahead to pass.
Never knew how love with you,
Could be the kind to last.

In spite of me you give,
And take less than your owed.
Your selfless acts do live,
In promised fields well sowed.

The sun appears in sky,
Darkness soon recedes.
This man is humbled by,
Your daily loving deeds.

If life is but a dream,
I bet my life to stake.
That life without you means,
A dream not worth its sake.


August 2017 Poems-31 Daze


Poem 12 comes on a dreary day. Bummed for obvious reasons. I don’t have many words. Just a haiku. Forgive my effort, my heart isn’t in it today.


Public Domain



You stood up to hate.

A coward was scared of you.

Love will always win.