17 is another fine prime number. I like the sound of that. That means I’ve edged safely over the month’s halfway mark. You might say I’ve eclipsed it. Valour was suggested by my friend Claire W.  It is a derivate form of valor. Courage, Bravery, the Noive synonymatically. You know, what the Cowardly Lion sought from the Wizard of Oz. Well, in this case it’s a tiger, and he doesnt’ seem cowardly at all.  Enjoy the tale of my experience of Valour (the Valonquar)…

“Valour the Valonquar” © C.P. Hickey 2015



There you are little brother.

Inches of glass between you and us.

Your beauty is unmatched.

You pace the space.

The kids have never seen what a cat like you can do.

It is better that way.

I don’t know who is more protected.

You in that habitat?

Or me outside of the habitat?

Who shows more valor?

I propose you, Valour the Valonquar*

Your pacing grows more frenetic.

The kids gurgle with glee.

My anxiety thresholds.

Both of us, in our place.

I came here to see you.

You had no choice in the matter.

However, it seems,

That you are watching me.

Fixated on a curiosity.

Why so strange?

I don’t mean to be.

Can you smell me?

Your paws are gigantic.

One swipe is all it would take.

I humanize you.

I personify your essence.

It is the only way I feel safe.

Were we somewhere else,

I would be pacing frenetically.

Waiting while you watched.

Can you smell me?

Why so strange?

Neither of us belong here.

And we both belong here.

The kids tap the glass.

They have no idea, little brother.

No idea.


*valonqar-George R.R. Martin’s word, meaning “little brother” in one of the languages (High Valyrian) that he created for his Novel Series- A Song of Ice and Fire.


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