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Advent Adventures: The Door to December 15th, 2022

The Door to December 15th, 2022


December Birthdays

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Dear December Birthday Revelers,

I stand in solidarity with you. It is tough to have a December Birthday. I know because my sister suffers from the affliction. It’s a champagne problem in some measures, but it can really get to you if people don’t keep the Birthday and the Christmas Holiday separate. Each has its own distinct joys and reasons for celebrating attached. So, I implore any of my readers that try to double-up on Birthday and Christmas gifts to kill two birds with one stone; don’t do it. It’s not nice. And Santa is taking notes about who is naughty and nice. Give the people in your lives that have a December Birthday all the special attention a Birthday deserves without any association to the Jingles or Merries.






Happy Birthday to my kid sister. She is still fresh, full of mischief, and a great all-around character. She’s true blue. I just want to make sure that she knows how special her birthday is to us, even though having a birthday in December can sometimes be tough. I hope she had a great day. 








Alexander Ignatius Connolly, or Bubba

My maternal grandfather, Bubba, was born on December 23, 1914. Another relative with a December birthday. I wonder how he found that. There are so many memories to touch upon that one post won’t do it justice. I’m happy to say that this gentleman was a driving force of good in my life, and one hell of a storyteller. He used to rivet us with tales of Sean-Sean the Leprechaun, as well as intriguing war stories about his time as a Marine in WWII’s Pacific Engagement with the Japanese. He loved his sports, and his cop shows, but most of all his family. He is sorely missed. I gave my first-born son his middle name in honor of his great-grandfather.

Bubba, Merry Christmas wherever you may be.


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  1. Happy Birthday Paula.
    Thanks, Chris for the reminder.
    I looked at the calendar ,asking why is this day important and couldn,t figure it out.

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