2022 · Advent Adventures: 24 Doors of December

Advent Adventures: The Door to December Fourteenth, 2022

The Door to December 14th, 2022Ode to Ellie

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Dear Adventeers,

Peripheral relatives affect our lives as in many ways. My maternal great aunt Eleanor White lived above my grandparents at 288 Bunker Hill. She was an enigma in many ways and I’m sorry I never got to know her as well as her could have. She was wonderful at Christmas and one time she fell asleep on my parent’s bed and all of our guests’ piled coats on top of her not knowing she was there. A breathing mound awoke and went back to 288. The past is weird and fuzzy, but full of wonderful memories.







Ode to Aunt Eleanor of 288 Bunker Hill

Things I enjoy about this photograph…


  1. My Aunt Ellie is in it.
  2. I was giving the camera a stink face
  3. There is a can of Sanka in the foreground, which someone received as a gift
  4. My sister’s sweatsuit
  5. The collars on my shirt
  6. The puffy blue coat beside the chair that was a gift for me
  7. The stereo on the cabinet table
  8. The tapes on top of the stereo (Michael Jackson, Men at Work, Billy Joel, Kenny Rogers, Perry Como, Willie Nelson, Perry Como, Mitch Miller)
  9. My sister’s expression
  10. The wallpaper meant to look like paneled wood
  11. The sun catcher hanging in the window
  12. The alarm clock in front of the stereo
  13. The reindeer decoration
  14. The garland under the reindeer decoration indicating the reindeer’s power of flight
  15. The segmented Merry Christmas Decoration below the reindeer decoration
  16. That this pic represents what Christmas looked like in my home circa 1983-1986


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