“Dog Tired”

“Perro Cansado” ©️ C.P. Hickey 2021

“Dog Tired”

I’m goddamned dog tired

Tired of hearing people complain

Tired of the ugly humanity shines

Tired of spinning up the notions

Sleep perchance to mean

Meaning meanness to mean

Tired of humanity ugly

I’m goddamned dog tired

Excuses, subterfuge, obscure truth

Objective truth is hindered by self-important sacks of skin

Hubris in excess

Hubris the only value

That, and pointing out flaws in others

No solutions,

Just more judgments

I am more moral than you, if I can show how immoral you are

Relative truth

My truth

What a fucking laugh

We tell jokes and don’t even realize how crazy we are

Projection is the post modern salve


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