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“Copper Cougher”

“Copper Cougher” © C.P. Hickey 2018



“Copper Cougher”

Copper Cougher in my hand,

cuckold coinage, no demand.

Legal tender, worn receipt.

Pocket jingles, obsolete.

Coffers empty hoarded cents.

Debtor’s duly recompense.

Shiny depths, sunken pool.

Buried treasury, fed approved.

Barrels of collected copper,

bankrolled Coinstar, due and proper.

Lucky penny, found obscured,

fate all twisted and enured.

Without the magic of the token,

serendipity goes unspoken.

Lucky, lucky, lucky penny.

In my life, good and plenty.

Not a nickel, not a dime,

a quarter oxidized with grime.

Kept with tact and guile,

Honest Abe’s striking profile.

Of all the coins in history,

the Copper Cougher remains the King.

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