“Magnificent Murder”

“Magnificent Murder”


Stomach innuendos.



Sour milk spittle dribbling down a full beard.


greasy pork belly sandos,

left in a midday sun.

Festered egg.

Sulphuric septon’s septum.




Circling down the colorectal assembly.

Emerging into the world.

A good throat on.

Hairy butter whispers.

Asking for a harsh quiet.

The kind that only comes of a rainstorm stopping immediately.

A fair tribute.

A barfed rebuke.

Python pyrrhic pre-puke.

Swollen gut.

In a rut,

Explosive nomenclature.

Dry-heaving hosannas.

Mimosas in a parked car.

Sunday hung over,

resultant hangover.

Bloody Mary governor.

Last place finishes are more complicated when your clothes are soiled.


8 Comments on ““Magnificent Murder”

  1. It took me a long time to figure this one out. I guess you were going for a depiction of ugly here. Maybe the magnificent part threw me off. When I talk about ugly, I would have thought words like racial slurs, rather than words written in a poem, even if the poem was a bit past edgy. But yeah, I think this meets the bar of ugly, or mean, if that was your goal. Magnificently, blind-sightedly ugly, so to speak. Stunningly so. If that’s what you were going for. To each his own. I found it in your top posts, so I guess we all have different tastes.


    • That top posts widget is tricky. It’s based on performance, I don’t get to choose. So it’s surprising it has been received so well, despite its content.

      I don’t mind working along the fringe of tasteful, life is messy and ugly too. But there are lines I won’t cross.


  2. It’s easy to read things the wrong way. Can’t say it’s my favorite of your pieces. I think you do a lot better. But I don’t like everything I write either. Hope your daughter is all well.

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