“Guardian of the Galaxy” © C.P. Hickey 2018




The head of a match before it’s struck.

A rubber balloon before it’s popped.

The silver coating of a lottery ticket before it is scratched.

A packet of sugar before it is put in coffee.


A political candidate before the vote is counted.

A domestic mouse before the trap arm comes down.

The paint on a park bench before it is dry.

The extended tape of a tape measure before it snaps back into a coil.


The candle struggling against the wind before it goes out.

A train door closing before you get out at your stop.

The gas tank low fuel warning coming on before you can safely reach a gas station.

A beloved family member dying before you can say goodbye.


The admission of love before it is requited.

An ice cream cone before it falls on the ground.

The last breath taken in before you go underwater.

A look at your reflection in a bus window before it leaves the station.

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