“Smoking Man” © C.P. Hickey 2018




All of those anxieties,

hardly seemed worth while.

Why did you choose to chase your grave?

Instead of living wild.


Each passing day you lost your way,

insisting it was daunting.

Your words unsaid, the deeds undone,

unfulfilled and haunting.


Try as you did, to save face,

not bothering to claim pain.

You forfeited your testament,

to the suffering you gained.


We all knew how deep it was,

despite your best intentions,

a solo act, you can’t protract,

mortality’s interventions.


Reflections from another point,

allows for fresh perspective.

A life not lived is not enjoyed,

a poorly played objective.


5 Comments on ““Regrets”

  1. Ha. In my hesitancy to begin writing I would tell people I’d rather make stories than tell them.

    But people started leaving and there are things I wished I’d said, and that hurt more than the things I’d wish we’d done.

    Well anyway good lines here. Stirred me.

    Liked by 1 person

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