Poem 10 of the ProCrasstheNation Poemvember Poetry Project dares to speak of the forbidden subject of that which some consider undesirable. Thank you to Eva V. for sending me a completely innocuous concept, and forever forgiving me when I take that innocence and go for broke in corrupting it.  A poem sometimes pushes you into the realm of MUST.

I hope you come back hair to read more of these fine poems.



Man-moss man-moss,

upon my back.

Traveling down my backdoor crack.

Warm and fuzzy,

around my navel.

Control your libido,

if you’re able.

Run your hands around the rough,

can you ever get enough?

While The Beach Boys do shave nude,

testosterone, this man exudes.

A virtual chia topiary,

Nair and wax, unnecessary.

Just a trim along the line,

will do this Magic Mike just fine.

Certainly, you must concur,

hug a chubby man with fur.

And when moist sweat comes rolling through,

stick to your wolf-man, like glue.

Curly pubic woolen skin,

Enhances every carnal sin.

Smoothly shorn is overrated,

some truths should never be debated.

No matter what the seeming cost,

get yourself a man with moss.


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