Poems · Poemvember-November 2017


Poem 5 of the ProCrasstheNation Poemvember Poetry Project was inspired by a writing associate. I needed a diversion, and I got one. Thank you Julia K.


diversion image



A diversion by any other name would deflect as easily.


Slights of handed, rights remanded.

I need something to take my mind off of this fixation.

Shallow pools of concealment hold no secrets.

The shortest distance between two points is an imperfectly straight line affixed to an arrow, traveling at the speed of touch.

Sonic mushroom.

Fungi, Mogwai, two-ply,

flush the line.

Cast aspersions.

Indulged perversions sell tabloid versions.

Making assertions promotes aversion,

to the rolling-roiling truth.

Unfixed, untethered.


garden hose,

attempting to put out a warehouse fire,

nine-alarm, potent, dire.

The river will crest if we don’t divert the flow.

Diversions on record consist of Uno, Cribbage, and Stratego.

Where we go,

unbridled by delays and foreclosures.


Behold, absolute zero.

Linear time now extinct,

harrowing perspectives inform the casual denials my mind so freely forms.


Moving backward and forward.

Tug of war.





Throck-throttled, youth hockey.

Running full speed,

into a concrete wall of inevitable pain.

Grand staircase,

saving face,

check your coat at the tidy coat check.

Long advance,

in a trance.


All to chance?

Lifelong dance.

In a rut,


Temporary insanity.

Evil Sean Hannity.

A wee bit of brevity.


    Not a chance!



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