“La Ville-Lumière”

public domain: https://www.goodfreephotos.com/albums/france/paris/eiffel-tower-going-into-the-fog-and-mist.jpg


“La Ville-Lumière”


Hailing from Ol’ Sparta,

medulla oblongata.


In the interest of being,

how could,

one long for,

a place one hasn’t,




The essence of missingness.

Forgetful forgiveness.

Aware of the remissness.

Tender Reminisces.



Paralyzed,  and defunct.

Amassed funk, trapped within the mind.

Trunk, locked up inside.


Ceasing to fulfill the dominant want.


The Louvre.

Via the Rue

Tower of Eiffel

Life choices have stifled,

Championing The Champ de Mars.


Siffling the Seine,

a new daydream pain.

The price of the ticket,



Customs will yield,

when traveling steals,

romantic notions of heart.


Parisian flair,

often revered,

gives over to daily upsets.


You certainly miss,

most of the fish,

when pulling up all of your nets.


A fleeting impala,

this protonostalgia.

Bound tightly to lifelong regrets.


Dreams disappear when treading real fear.

A reflexive energy of sedentary plights.

The only way through,

is to book travel to,

the wondrous “City of Lights”.


4 thoughts on ““La Ville-Lumière”

  1. I really like this one, Chris. It left me feeling light and dreamy yet also longing and sad. It’s great when good writing can make you feel multiple things on multiple levels. Great job.

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