Magnificent Ms.Perry


A day without a smile was normal to Ms. Perry.
She hoped and prayed, and thought she made, the life of others merry.
But not for her, a heart unloved, she couldn’t fathom joy.
Not until that light spring day, when chance showed her a boy.
Oh, chance did pique her appetite, and would entice the crime.
For love and want familiar, Ms. Perry bided time.
First chance to flee with heart alight,
Ms. Perry waited still.
No clue was given by the boy,
False promise soon fulfilled.
Any measure sought in kind,
For the favor of his heart.
Ms. Perry sought a place to find,
Not knowing where to start.
The truth, Ms. Perry, is plain to you,
Yet, you choose not to see.
View yourself, magnificent,
The boy will surely heed.
In truth, others cannot love,
That which we love not first.
Ms. Perry, smile every day,
Your luck will soon reverse.






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