“My Anger Is Complete”

My anger is complete.
Pushing the envelope of containment.
I need to burst forth.

Emotional outbreaks are hard to contain.
Is there a Center for Rage Control?
Do men in suits come to stop the spread?
Or do others hope that the anger eats itself?

I stubbed my toe.
The rent is due.
The baby’s crying.
Too much!

Insurmountable waves of stress and uncertainty
Creep rhythmically up my spine.
Only to find a harbor for repose
Somewhere in the vast land of doubt that resides in my skull.
A universe in my head.
Systems crash.
Back to square one.
This wall that my back‘s against is hard.
Isolated from relief.
Coming undone again.
Self-loathing champion.
No one knows the trouble I’ve seen.
Not even the god of regret.

I stubbed my toe.
The rent is due.
The baby’s crying.
Too much!

Blood boiling.
Sharp points of light against my closed lids.
If I could smash your face,
I know a priest who would forgive the sin.
That’s if I were truly repentant.
But I’m not really, of course.

Can’t you see that the light is green?
I can from where I’m stuck behind you.
Foul soul, impeding progress.
Annoyance of the community.
Free us all from your interference.
Just disappear.
Turn right.

I stubbed my toe.
The rent is due.
The baby’s crying.
Too much!


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