“1776-Redacted” or “Tricks That Stick”

*This poem was written August 21, 2007, while sipping a Iced Venti Latte at the Starbucks on the corner of North Ave and Wells in Chicago

“1776-Redacted” or “Tricks That Stick”

The Revolution will not be televised.
This is a powerful assumption.
Sounding robust and likely, who would doubt its certainty?
Surely, there would be one network capturing a Revolution.
In fact, several networks would lay down their integrity for the chance.
Spattering chaos and anarchy is ratings heaven.
Riots are a riot.
Looting by moonlight.
The execution of order, can only bring about a more disorderly order.
Followed then by more bedlam and more rigidity.
The Revolution may not be televised, but if it was I would watch.


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