Electric purple travels my skin.

Thinking of past promises whispered.

Excitement to the point of an anxiety attack.

Perspiration delivers me undone.

Hanging on the suggestion of a validation.

Your choices maneuvered me into this second life.

Living purple electric,

until the batteries run out.

“Open Mic 🎤”

“Open Mic 🎤

There’s a crowd inside.

Building anticipation.

The tech guy is taping the line down with stage tape.

A spiral notebook indicates ten spots open.

I scratched my name beside the number five.

Peristaltic butterflies emerge from faux cocoons of confidence

Palms emit sweat.

Handshaking the handshakes.

Instant quaking.

One sets the tone,

Two drives it home.

Three stretches on.

Four, and now I’m on.

Hot mic.

Hot lights.

Spitting words,

stage fright.

Minutes warp fast and slow,

lines unleashed,

I caught my flow.

Just as fast,

performance done.

Open mic,

the show goes on.