Well Wishers

well wisher

Picture by rosemetals – “a_little_girl_trapped”


“Well Wishers”

I’m done
I’m beaten.
I’m flat.
The world is round.
If you think otherwise,
You ain’t got no kindah sense.
Simply, asshole.
Your baseless skepticism does not correlate to enlightenment.
Been there and done that.
Stupid is contagious.
Stay the eff away from me.
It’s a damn shame.
It all seemed workable.
Until, it worked me over.
Constant barrage of negativity.
I swallow Lynchian Garmonbozia*
by the gallon.
Empathy is choking me.
Apathy is the new religion in our postmodern world.
Are we still postmodern?
Or, onto something even more sinister?
Sullen sunken dimly drunken.
Fellowship fleeting.
Spinning endlessly out toward nothing, from somewhere,
That instantly appeared inexplicably out of nowhere.
Honorable mention.
Trapped in this condition.
Don’t know when my parole is coming.
It will come, though.
Sweet drowning.
Lungs filling, excruciating.
If I’m buying the farm,
It has to have a wishing well.
So I can trap myself inside, in constant hope of arriving rescue,
Despite the broken bucket and rotting rope.
The chance that some magic resides in good intentions may be my only respite.
Worlds have been conquered for much less.
Conquered, for much less.