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Continual Morning

“Continual Morning” I woke up one day, and discovered a long road before me. It is like many long roads I have seen in the past, but different, in proximity and context. It is I road I must travel, but don’t want to. Required…


“Brrrrrr…” Cold it be, Nippily. Feet full freeze. Plumber’s crack, air gets in and out. My hands are deadened. Damn! Nostricles. Stalactite snots. Car motor moaning, making sounds no car should. To bitch about the cold is divine. New England pastime. Lost my youth…

Lap Dancer

Specters of Christmas Past

Doing something tonight that I haven’t done in a while. Shhhhhhhh! There, all the lights are out. Except the Christmas Tree. Magic lights, blinking dreams. Heart flutters and sugarplum fairies goading me to remember the short past or long past. It depends entirely on…

‘Tis the Season

  I want to wish all of my followers, family and friends a heartfelt Huzzah for the Holidays! Whether you celebrate Chanukah, Kwanzaa, Festivus, Christmas, Winter Solstice, or any other Holiday, I hope that you and yours find the warmth of hearth and home…

You Are Awesome!

Inspiring new generation

The Travellothoner

An insight into travel, running, fitness and life.

The Life Fiesta

A Lifestyle Blog Celebrating Life

Smoke words every day.

Tumse na ho payega

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