2022 · Advent Adventures: 24 Doors of December

Advent Adventures: The Door to December 2nd, 2022

Door to December 2nd, 2022


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Welcome back Dearest Elves, Santa’s Helpers, and Giftee Giving Gifters,

I appreciate your patronage of my blog adventures. 

In a season of merriment and mirth, sometimes the dark days of winter turn gray and deliver you to memories that are lukewarm at best. Life is a balancing act and part of the fun is in sampling the range of emotions associated with living it. Sometimes disappointment rears its ugly head, but we must remember to make an effort to make the best of any situation we find ourselves in. In a season that is imbued with anticipation, it is fair to point out what The Rolling Stones knew all along: “You can’t always get what you want…”













“Make a Wish Foundational”

“Wish Upon a Sky” © C.P. Hickey 2022

“Make a Wish Foundational”

My Mother once said…

“Every time you enter a new church, make a wish.”

Kneeling down in a pew

In a hushed voice before God

Giving trade secrets away

And I, kneeling before authority 

On all counts

Believing down deep in every atom

That I was allowed a loophole

Thinking for a short time…

That no one else knew.

Somehow able to make all the wishes

Over time, it stuck with me

Running in the background of my operating system

Year to year

New church to new church

All the wishes

Kneeling in countless pews

In a hushed whisper before God

Revealing my secret desires

Disappointed by authority

On all counts



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