Advent Adventures: 24 Doors of December

Advent Adventures: The Door to December 2nd

Door to December 2nd


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Welcome back Dearest Elves, Santa’s Helpers, and Giftee Giving Gifters,

I appreciate your patronage of my blog adventures. Sometime in the shadow of last night my blog total hits eclipsed 40,000. A singular success for a casual blogger.

In a season of merriment and mirth, sometimes the dark days of winter turn gray and deliver you to memories that are lukewarm at best. Life is a balancing act and part of the fun is in sampling the range of emotions associated with living it. Sometimes disappointment rears its ugly head, but we must remember to make an effort to make the best of any situation we find ourselves in. In a season that is imbued with anticipation, it is fair to point out what The Rolling Stones knew all along: “You can’t always get what you want…”














“Drawing Down, Dead Down”

At another Christmastime,

I dined at midday,

On the winter solstice,

With my work colleagues.

We wanted Ramen,

But, begrudgingly settled for pub fare due to long lines at the Ramen place.

Pubs provide listless people lists of listless choices.

I chose the Shepard’s Pie,

infused with lamb protein.

When choosing from a listless list,

Authenticity seems important.

At least, in that moment.

But, fuck, it falls flat.

Just another pretentious misadventure,

Whereby, my dish provides all discomfort and no comfort.

The meat tasting as if simmered in a Dutch Oven with flakes of junkyard rusted automobiles.




Not my best chew.

Thank Christ for the bread,

Slathered with as much butter as a teensie-weensie butter basket can provide.

Next year,

I’ll wait in the Ramen queue for however long it takes.



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