“I’m A Big Guy”

“I’m A Big Guy”

Oh! Hello!

I didn’t mean to startle you,

Ms. Fright.

The elevator doors opened,

and there I was,

And there you were.

You startled.

Then I startled,

because your startle startled me.

We both laugh.

You laugh because you realize that it’s only me,

And not some other Ne’er-do-well.

And I laugh, because I’m uncomfortable by your reaction.

And I’m not supposed to be sensitive,

And I’m supposed to be chivalrous,

And I’m supposed to afford compassion,

Because walking around in this world a lot of the time is dangerous for women.


Especially, when Ne’er-do-wells often harm.

No, I get it.

I suppose that I too,

would startle,

if I were you.

If the elevator doors opened,

And a mound of man was in that space.


I’m sorry that you have to live with that possibility of terror.

On a human level I understand,

And wish it weren’t so.

It would be great if we could just be people waiting for doors to open,

And not be startled by what is behind them when they finally do.

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