“Time To Move On”

“Empty” ©️C.P. Hickey 2019

“Time To Move On”

My ever present past,

In need of a recast.

The cow has been milked,

To exhaustion.

Nostalgia n’ere excuses,

Cruelty-wrapped ruses.

Done is done is done.

Except to those that measure themselves large,

Relative to the chalk outlines I left behind.

Ive learned in time,

That they are defined,

Quite morally and conveniently,

By the degree of the shadow cast by my sins.

But, weren’t they also there?

Wrapped up in the spectacle.

Often neglectful,

Memory proves fuzzy,

When assigning accountability.

A good laugh.

Measured in ivory hands,

Absolved from the washed away sins.

Sink basin just a theater of the absurd,

Premiering hollow gestures.

The word your tongue can’t fashion is not complicated, but complicit.

Running with the devil,

Playing with fire.

A gilded guild of guilt,

Thrown, throw, threw association.

Witnessed, yet dismissed.

The sins I carry are less of a burden,

Thanks to your indifference.

With all due respect,

It’s time to move on.

Time to move on.

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