Advent Calendar 2018

Advent Calendar 2018: Day 16

Advent Calendar – Day 16

” ‘Twas A Bob Cratchit Kinda Day”

‘Twas a Bob Crachit Kinda Day.

Nose hard to the grindstone.

No tuppence in my pocket.

Hand dampened cold,

Chilling my bones down.

Doing the things I must.

O’hers depen’n onnit.

Christmas wages all but spent.

Peace and hope.

Hope and peace.

I’ve seen a courier.

A scene by Currier and Ives.

Salvation Army Bells.

Silver Bells.

For whom the bell tolls.

Clearly, me.


The Christmas Spirit.

Visiting as needed.

Once, twice, thrice,

And done.

But…nothing changes.

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