Advent Calendar 2018

Advent Calendar 2018: Day 13

Advent Calendar – Day 13

The Lord Of The Dance Meets The World Champion Hider

A score of years resides between present day, and when the events of this story actually took place. It’s often hard to process memory within the construct of time, as it truly becomes less reliable the further you get from the event.

However, here are the facts; as I remember them:

1. On Christmas Day, 1996, My father and I each received a ticket to see Michael Flatley’s Lord Of The Dance.

2. The tickets were a gift from my Uncle Mike and Aunt Donna Hickey.

3. They also had tickets for the event.

4. The event was for April 1997, at the Fleet Center, in Boston.

5. My father and I received the tickets as a split gift, which is to say that they were wrapped individually and given to us separately.

6. We were excited to receive the gift.

7. I took the ticket home from my Uncle’s home, and put it on top of my bureau, for safekeeping.

8. My father took his ticket and put it in a special place so that he would not forget where he put it.

9. Five months later, when the time for the event arrived, my Father could not find the ticket, nor remember the special place he put it so he wouldn’t forget it.

10. I gave my Father my ticket, so he could go.

11. After two moves, we still have never been able to find the ticket.

12. When my Father was incapacitated by a stroke, I surely thought his last words would be that he remembered where he put that ticket.

13. It will remain a mystery.

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