Advent Calendar 2018

Advent Calendar 2018: Day 5

Advent Calendar – Day 5



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“Giving ‘Til It Hurts”


Consumer culture misrepresents,

All the season’s sentiments.

No overhead, these online stores,

deliver quick to unwatched doors.

Same day service,

Cutting out all the stores.

More! More! More!

The crazy deranged whackaloons,

Wait for email: COMING SOONS!

No middle man, but twice the fun.

Four for two, or two for one.

Coupon codes, sales receipts,

Inbox spam, or spammy Tweets.

Lining up to wait for “IT”,

Just adding to our pile of shit,

Without an afterthought.

Throw it out next December.

That is if you do remember,

Consumer culture feeds into itself.

I have no trouble understating,

Charges keep accumulating,

Interest, hand over fist.

If you find yourself inclined,

Give to others,

a gift of time.

And leave the pursuit of materials,

To those sold easily,

To those sold easily,

To those sold easily,

on empty pursuit.



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If anyone is in the Metro Boston this Friday, December 7th, please consider joining me, and my best friend, the West Coast Bandit, and now my favorite second cousin, Jack, as we attend a night full of entertainment for a great cause at: Don’t Forget Your Art!

I performing a piece that means a lot to me. You should really come by and see if the poem is about you. How will you ever know if you aren’t there? Are you willing to take that chance? I wouldn’t, I’d definitely be there, just in case.

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