“The Hruth Turts”

I remember a short short time ago,

When I was guilty of ignorant innocence.

Feet firmly entrenched in the ridges of privilege.

Head in the clouds,

Better yet pushing through the aperture of my digestive end.

I knew and didn’t listen.

Fissure running along and creating a fault in my reasoning.

Who’s fault?

Our fault.

Your fault.

My fault.

Just listen.

Listen to hear.

Experience unknown.

How could it be this way?

I thought I knew.

I never knew.

I didn’t listen.

Passive listening.

Reactive listening.

Active listening.

Fishing among missing.

Central differencing.

About to get on.


The hruth turts.

But it is a pain worth enduring in order to elevate my fellow travelers to this level.

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