Cockroaches Are Precocious, Poetry by C.P. Hickey

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Genre: Funny

“Cockroaches Are Precocious”

By C.P. Hickey

I find cockroaches to be precocious.

Especially, those from Nacogdoches.

Scurry hurry, here and there.

On their backs, legs in the air.

Marvel at their quick precision,

Never in the same position.

Lights go on and full disperse,

Champion of the universe.

Evolution’s most refined,

With creepy crawlies of their kind.

There’s no sense to choose denial,

They are masters of survival.

You never know where they’ll be,

Behind the fridge, amidst laundry.

They have a sneaky super power,

I once found one in the shower.

As just as fast I’ll change my shtick

Here’s a thought to sit down with:

To the most unsuspecting palate,

Roaches make a great three-bean salad.

So don’t adhere to superstition,

High protein supports nutrition.

Listen to this noble truth,

We’ve all eaten a bug or two.

So next time when you make a face,


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