Author Love of the Day · Margaret Atwood · The Man from Mars

thAtwood Be Great

My ProCrasstheNation “Author Love of the Day” goes out to Margaret Atwood.

Most folks are likely familiar with her dystopian novel, “The Handmaid’s Tale.” However, it was a recent reading of her short story, “The Man from Mars,” that reminded me of her adept skill at hooking readers into uncomfortable situations and lending us some insights about the vagaries of life. This story is especially relevant to current readers because it challenges us to an honest self-examination of the prejudices and xenophobia that have permeated our lives as we navigate the social institutions that detract from the cultural experiences that many immigrants face as they try to maintain their cultural identity while trying to assimilate into a new community.

Well known for her takes on feminism as articulated in her work, Atwood is a wonderful read, and is a fine addition to the pantheon of  modern fiction authors.

Give her your undivided attention, you won’t be disappointed.