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“Parenting S.O.S”

“Parenting S.O.S” With all due respect to others that won’t admit so, Parenting really crushes a soul. Try as one might, The only antidote is to temper your own expectations, So that disbelief at the ordinary can become as sublimated as one’s ego needs…

Summer Poem Slam-a-bam! (40 Days/40 Poems)

Summer Poem Slam-a-bam! (40 Days/40 Poems) Please join me for 40 days and 40 nights of on-demand poetry. You submit the concept, idea, subject, and I’ll do the rest. Please no political rubbish. We are hammered enough by all of that, and I intend…

“Is it as clear as mud?”

“Is it as clear as mud?” “Is it as clear as mud?” Trick question. Answer: “No, because mud isn’t clear!” We were often tasked to repeat this answer to our teacher (shown above) when she explained any number of directions which she wanted followed….

“Fah each? Awhr fah two?”

  “Fah each? Awhr fah two?” My Mother was a woman of vernacular. She had ways of saying things and words to say them. Over the course of our lives together, it became apparent that not everyone shared these words and expressions. In conversations…

“Bridge Over Troubled Waters”

  “Bridge Over Troubled Waters” Many years ago, when I was fresh and ready to ascend. I often went with my Mother into the city when she had business to tend to. We could achieve this via bus, train, taxi cab, or just simply…

Roxy Travels

23 years old girl travelling solo on a motorcycle.

Positive Side Of The Coin

Not just live and let live, but live and help live


Random scribble

Novel Writing Festival

Monthly Festival : Turn your book into a movie and get it seen by 1000s of people. Or garner FULL FEEDBACK from publishers on your novel and help your next draft. Or get a transcript video of your novel performed by professional actors.

Payal Dutta

Twisted tales of times true

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