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“Teasing Tempest Temptress”

“Teasing Tempest Temptress”

The wind possesses its own ideas, plans, and designs.

It does not include ill-placed chimes.

Blow, blow, blowin’,

Through, above, and under.

Particulate matter whipped asunder.

Settling for the romance of movement among and between buildings.

Skyscrapers, concrete naked.

Residence of tired pigeons.

Trapper of frustrated horns.

Each piece of the symphony,

Played gustily with gusto.

Despite you,

The wind possesses its own ideas, plans, and designs.

And cares little for your ill-placed chimes.

Poems · Poemvember-November 2017


Poem 6 in the ProCrasstheNation Poemvember Poetry Project, was inspired by a beach bum I met in writing group last year. Waves are everywhere. Thank you, Michelle A for pointing me in the direction of the natural rhythm…


“Willows Billows” © C.P. Hickey 2017


Waves are falling into me,
with which I can’t compete.
Waves are pouring over me,
whilst walking down the street.

Waves are passing through me,
when I sit amongst the thieves.
Waves ebbing earth’s eternity,
weathering earned defeats.

Waves drowning me in sorrow,
willful arrogance.
Waves receding ’til tomorrow,
wishful circumstance.

Waves keeping a heart’s rhythm,
wresting life, from the great void.
Waves googling algorithms,
withstanding cyber-noise.

Waves waver worthwhile wonders,
winding, writhing, wild wind.
Waves wreaking wrathful whispers,
wrestling winsome words within.