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40/40: July/August Poetry Project

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“My Tired”

“My Tired” My tired stretches outward, and underwhelms. Staunch narcoleptics, snoring pots and pans to beat the band. Slumber robs youth of steady confidence. Methodical metronome, cadence of an old age home, waiting to retire. Sweaty yellow pillowcases carry the weight of the world….


“Lost” I feel the confusion in your kisses. Open mouthed and adrift. A beauty when your sweaty, you drive my madness swift. A desert expedition, a traveling caravan. I’m a gypsy in your harem, a crusader in your land. Your heart is fixed in…

“Sleeping Streets”


https://pixabay.com/get/eb32b20b21f3033ed1534705fb0938c9bd22ffd41cb3144993f9c57ba1/background-2734972_1920.jpg?attachment “Phantasmagoria” Dish soap mix melting on paint can lids. A siphoned sight of dreams develop over the frame. Bright and muted colors muddle the lens. Forearm hairs prickle and goose flesh pop, pop, pops. Crackling tissue paper stuffed in used cardboard toilet paper…

Roxy Travels

23 years old girl travelling solo on a motorcycle.

Positive Side Of The Coin

Not just live and let live, but live and help live


Random scribble

Novel Writing Festival

Monthly Festival : Turn your book into a movie and get it seen by 1000s of people. Or garner FULL FEEDBACK from publishers on your novel and help your next draft. Or get a transcript video of your novel performed by professional actors.

Payal Dutta

Twisted tales of times true

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