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40/40: Summer Poem Slam-a-bam! – Day 22– “Tearing Up”

“Tearing Up” A thoughtful mystery unravels itself within a dirty ashtray. Dozens of mouths and lips suck the filtered marrow of tobacco magic. Sin after sin is displaced by denial. They say to use the right tool for a job. Staring at the runners…


“Semantics” If there was a word to describe the you of you, I’d write it down with earnestness. So I could, underline and italicize it. There would be a place to point, an origin. Words are born of the necessity to term things. Terming…

Haiku Humpdays: “Monkey See, Monkey Doo”

“Monkey See, Monkey Doo” A man lies outright. His supporters believe him. Oh say, can’t you see?

“A Storm Is Coming”

“A Storm Is Coming” Building and building, we wait. Warnings issued, preparations. Some, don’t listen, and carry on. Others, don’t believe the weatherman, despite the evidence. Rain could wet their clothes, and they would deny it’s rain. You can’t change people like that. Self-destructive…

“My Tired”

“My Tired” My tired stretches outward, and underwhelms. Staunch narcoleptics, snoring pots and pans to beat the band. Slumber robs youth of steady confidence. Methodical metronome, cadence of an old age home, waiting to retire. Sweaty yellow pillowcases carry the weight of the world….


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