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“Top Ten Tuesdays: Top Ten MBTA Transit Travelers One Encounters in Boston”

Here is a list of the Top Ten MBTA Transit Travelers One Encounters In Boston 10. The Not Me – most people you encounter on public transit are of “The Not Me” variety. They do not want to have anything to do with you….

“Cattle Train, Cattle Train”

  “Cattle Train, Cattle Train” Cattle Train! Cattle Train! My life’s refrain. Can someone commute my commuter pain? Oh, how I disdain, this daily pain. I can’t sustain, and must complain. It’s such a drain. Fucking insane! Profane? Let me explain. What’s plainly plain:…

“Perceived Slights”

“Perceived Slights” Look at you over there. Seething. Angry at every turn. Can you see yourself? You’re ridiculous. Your fat equestrian pants thighs squeezing into the last remaining seat. You flippantly look at the meek gentleman sitting beside you. You know, the one who’s…

“Appropriate Arrival”

Originally posted on ProCrasstheNation:
Written while on an Elevated train heading into The Loop searching for a job in Chicago.  Circa 2006. “Appropriate Arrival” By Christopher Hickey Stop! Is this the place? Confusion reigns, Inbound trains. Destination unknown. Traveling light, with a heavy heart.…

Axiom # 15,480

Try training the trainers on the train after the trainers trained the trainees._Thus spoke Ghostnutstra 7/25/17

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