Chomping @ The Bit




He was the kind of guy who read Ulysses in the waiting room of the service department of the Toyota dealership, so he could be seen reading Ulysses in the waiting room of the service department of the Toyota dealership. He often thought about how others perceived him. His life involved creating an image impossible to achieve, and he was held prisoner to the constancy that this artifice required. He palmed this actionable life off onto others with an extremely firm handshake. Often what he meant to do was to crush the hand of anyone within arm’s length. They will remember him, for better or worse. No second thoughts, no promises, no excuses. Who really had the time to dig deeper? Shouldn’t it always be like this? Why should anyone else waste precious time these days really getting to know anyone else? It was all right there in the first impression. Italicized, BOLDED, underlined.

People should present themselves in a concise way. Show me glitter, show me twitter. I just want to know who you know, and what you can do for me. Do you LIKE me? The profile should make me smile. The art of social interaction takes place face to screen to screen to face. Terse statements containing ironic teeth search out the next knot of self-esteem to gnaw away at. There seems to be an ever-present scorecard that tallies the demise of enthusiasm in the population at large. People often hang on the validation of others, and seek out if their peers find if it is appropriate to like something. That is the only way they can enjoy it for themselves. Enjoyment is only allowed if the hive approves.

What it is that folks seek, appears to be the collective validation of gradual inaction. No one has to advance if we all stay in the same place and pretend that we are not advancing. Life is so much better spent on nostalgia, than on trudging a new worn path.

Again, I look at that fuck, and wonder why his pretention bothers me. He is me. I am him. That tome in this place? This is a place of phantom movements. A place where folks have to wait for the present to be repaired, so that they will have the ability to travel quickly and safely to the next destination of the future. Just so that they can be first on line to wait for what will have happened in a stagnant past.

Nothing ever happens, except waiting for what will happen after what happens next.